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Eco-tips; Refrigerant management

Number one on Project Drawdown’s areas of concern is not fossil fuels, or plastics, or factory farming. Number on on the list is refrigerant management, and that’s because refrigerants are thousands, yes, thousands of times more dangerous in terms of global warming than carbon dioxide.

While the refrigerants are sitting inside your fridge, freezer, or air conditioner, they’re fine, but the problems come when it’s time to get a new appliance, and it get’s chucked to the curb for garbage pickup. Don’t do that.


Project Drawdown explains it in more detail;

It’s going to be an increasing problem, because as things get warmer, more people will be installing A/C; even I caved and bought a portable unit that I used on the hottest days last year.

What to do? Many municipalities, like New York city have waste management programs that will pick up and safely dispose of your old fridges, freezers, and A/C units. If they don’t, there are licensed HVAC companies that will do the job.


Refrigerant management is also one of the April EcoChallenges on Project Drawdown’s site; I will spend at least (___) minutes learning how to properly dispose of my refrigerator, freezer, and other refrigerants at the end of their useful lives.



I would say that the follow up challenge will be to actually safely dispose of your refrigerant based appliance.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

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