After a week of twice daily soaks in lukewarm water, followed by an application of OTC hydrocortisone and various moisturizing creams, the nummular (coin) eczema on my trunk is doing much better. My front is pretty much cleared up, and my sides and back are headed in the right direction. The eczema on my arms and legs though, is not being so cooperative. It keeps cropping up in new places.

I kept meaning to make an appointment with my GP and kept forgetting, so today I went to the walk in clinic, since you’re not supposed to use OTC cortisone for more than 7 days without seeing a Doctor.

The Doctor at the walkin says the eczema on my arms is contact dermatitis (apparently eczema and dermatitis mean the same thing) and it is likely something in the environment is triggering it. Current number 1 suspect, this lovely polar fleece cloak Mr. Ivriniel bought at a Ren Faire, and I have commandeered to wrap myself in whenever I feel cold. I also have been sittings do lying on it, because the fabric on our couch is too prickly for my skin to handle right now. It hasn’t been washed since we brought it home, and maybe the detergent the seller used on it is driving my skin buggy? She wrote me a prescription for a different corticosteroid, which I have heard good things about: betamethazone, so I hope this will work.

Also, for any fellow eczema sufferers I want to recommend Polysporin Daily Moisturing Cream. It has the same base formula as Aveeno Eczema Care (they are both made by Johnson and Johnson) but has some additional ingredients that are supposed to supply some lipids that skin with eczema is lacking. It really seemed to help with my coin eczema, which is supposed to be trickier to control.