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Eczema with Oily Skin?

All of a sudden, a few months ago I started getting a patch of eczema under (only) my right eye. The rest of my face is oily and I still get acne especially in the summer. Any advice?

This is a new one for me, I’ve always had simply oily skin that breaks out once in awhile. So that meant oil-free cleansers with preferably some benzoyle peroxide to prevent pimples. But now I have this random patch under my eye and despite hours of google searching, I’ve come up short as to treating it.


I have general use benzoyl peroxide wash in the summer exclusively (I mix it with CeraVe cleanser in the winter since it’s so dry) along with CeraVe moisturizer, but this patch just won’t go away despite me switching back to my winter method plus I’m breaking out since my skin is oily.

Help me! Has this happened to anyone else - one small patch of ezcema with oily skin everywhere else? Stupid weird combination skin...

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