DangerTits said I would forget the entire show once it was done. Most of it, that's for sure. I was trying to get myself to remember little bits, but that meant distraction from what was going on.

I'll get the bad part out first. It is veeeery hard to criticize someone I like, admire, and respect so much, but I felt there was a bit too much rehashing of old material. BUT, I still laughed until my face hurt and had a few things to share. It speaks to my social life that I was thinking during the show "ooh, I'll have to remember this for Groupthink!"

There was a light saber battle between God and Darth Vader in the cantina, where there are no longer trays.

"I'm an action transvestite, I know action movies and makeup commercials. Yipee kai-yay, motherfucker...or maybe it's Maybelline!"


Marc Antony as a chicken.

Damn, that's about all I can remember right now. There was plenty that made me laugh though. And a lot of right wing mocking, which was fantastic. He also did a Q&A in the lobby after the show. He talked about his marathons, why he had to give up the 27 in 27 days honoring Mandela. He was taking a medication and came down with something I've heard on House (I hate that show). He currently does his show in English, French, and German, he's working on Spanish, and after that Russian. He talked about how Russia lost 25 million soldiers in WW2, compared to the half million lost by each the British and American armies. There was a lot of history related stuff in the show, as well, like he does. He also has political aspirations, I wasn't aware of that. He plans on running for Parliament in a few years, said he's "pulling a Franken" and spoke passionately about progressive ideals. I loved it.


So, this is my transition into the second part of this post. I am an asshole. Am I an asshole? Eddie Izzard talking politics got me all hot and bothered, and Mr.BT had the night off work, so I was hoping there might be some sexytimes last night. I stayed up til 2, until I got a definite no. I'm not sure exactly how long it'sbeen at this point, but definitely over a month. I've always had the higher sex drive in our relationship, and mostly it's been okay. We usually have sex once a week, and I'm okay solo the rest of the time. Last time we went close to his long without, when we did have sex, it was barely enjoyable for me because it just felt like drinking water when you're super thirsty, a relief, but not just because you want it. I almost cried. It sounds so dramatic, but sex is pretty damned important to me. Mr.BT works long hours, night shift. He's tired most of the time, and I understand. His job drives me up the wall and I wish he would look for something better. He supports our family, and I'm incredibly grateful he agreed to do that for us so I could stay with the kids. I don't just eat bon-bons all day though. I do everything around the house and for the family. All the cleaning, cooking, laundry, errands, and schooling. But the work he does is what pays our bills, so I feel like I can't say "hey, I need sex!"


A while ago (a year-ish?) we briefly discussed an open arrangement, but decided together that we weren't comfortable with it at that point, but it's not entirely off the table for the future. I don't know if I want to bring it up again, but I don't want to continue like this. I feel like a jerk for being so selfish about it, but I don't want to end up being a bigger jerk and cheating. It's not something I'm thinking or planning, but I've cheated on previous partners long ago. I brought this up here a while back during a similar dry spell and was told I was horrible and I should just deal with it, it's just sex, get a toy, cheaters are always evil, etc.

So, I'm just fishing for opinions since I hooked you in with Eddie! Ha!