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Educate a foreign girl about American snow-shovelling rules

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I only just found out that in the US you can be fined for not clearing your snow within a certain number of hours. I'm amazed! (I lived in America for my entire twenties but… Los Angeles. And I do live with an imported estadounidense, but he knows nothing of this snow of which I speak.)


What if you're on holiday? What if you're mega preggers and the baby gets in the way of the shovel? What if you have the 'flu and stay in bed for three days and aren't even aware that it snowed? What if the snow happened right when you started work and by the time you got home the time limit had already gone by and you'd already been reported? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I feel so foreign.

I have no idea why I find this so very fascinating. I've been googling but not finding many answers. Here you can apparently be sued if someone injures themselves as a result of your attempt to clear snow or ice, but not if you just leave it.

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