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My mother has a friend who teaches in a satellite campus. As you all know a college would be set up in Town A, many have satellites in Town B, Town C etc. These would consist of typically one building where nontraditional students would go for classes to get their degree always at night, all satellites were nights only.

Well her friend said all of the satellites are closing and transferring all the students in these satellites to online courses to get their degree. Its far less overhead and cheaper. She said five courses in one evening would be taught by five teachers, she said one would be needed to oversee the online courses. Providing they were in same major. For example if a satellite offered five business courses in a term they would typically hire five teachers. The friend said teachers on these campuses unless retired and decided to teach classes have expertise in then others all have day jobs outside the school, no traditional professors.


Is this a trend that’s growing? Are satellite campuses nationwide being replaced by online? Also it would mean far less staff since no satellite would mean no staff to run the facility ie administrators.

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