Image, a creator-owned publishing company that has been doing AMAZING work lately, had its big expo this weekend. They announced a bunch of really cool projects from lots of people I really love, but the one that I am so, so stoked for is Matt Fraction's Ody-C.

It's a science fiction, gender-swapped RETELLING OF THE ODYSSEY.

Like, wait what? I'm sorry. Is this one of my favorite comic authors retelling one of my favorite myths in one of my favorite genres with a strong female main character through my favorite medium? Is that what you're telling me I'm getting? DID I DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN? CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER?

Fraction specifically noted a desire to morph Ulysses into a role model for his daughter. -IGN




OH MY GOD. IT DID GET BETTER. I LOVE YOU, MATT FRACTION. I would say I want to marry you but considering you're married to the kick-ass Kelly Sue Deconnick, I could never break up that marriage.


Other books announced at the Image Expo can be read about here. I am excited for like 90% of them. Ody-C comes out in early 2014. If on a late Tuesday night you hear a loud, fangirlish shrieking coming from the East Village, then you'll know that Ody-C is going to be that Wednesday.