Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My very talented friend agreed to design and make a wedding dress for me, and because I am giving her tons of time, she's cutting me a major deal. We're going to get to work on it together design-wise, go shopping for material and stuff - I'm just not a great seamstress.

Our plan is to get a shell of a basic champagne-ish dress (hopefully super cheap, like I mean, thrift-store cheap) because that will save a little headache, and she's going to embellish it, alter it, etc. for me.


She is crazy talented and trying to start a costuming business (and I mean, what is a wedding dress other than a costume, really), so I think she is excited to have something new and more "legit" to do while she gets herself going.

What is most exciting to me is how excited she was. I have an arsenal of talented friends and favors I can call in for my wedding, but as someone who gets called in for these frequently, I'm very wary of putting people out, so I am thrilled that she WANTS to do it and that she's excited too.

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