I know they're the ones who "protect and serve" but in my life all cops have ever done is pull me over for stupid crap and make me pay a ton of money. Really, once a guy pulled me over because my headlights weren't on β€” and when I showed him that it looked the same to me on the inside whether the lights were on or not (my cruddy old car had no light to indicate headlights on the dashboard), instead of being a normal human being and saying "oh, ok, well make sure next time!" he gave me a huge ticket anyway for unsafe driving. SERIOUSLY?!?!

So today when I was driving home from the supermarket and the cop pulled out of a side street and followed me, I was nervous. Because I know this particular street is a place where they give out a ton of tickets for 'speeding' (ie, even a couple MPH over the speed limit). My anxiety got the best of me, because instead of just continuing in constant fear that he was going to flash his lights and snag me, I instead turned down a sidestreet.

And the effer FOLLOWED ME.

I wound up going down this street and pulling onto a major road, WAY out of my way, where at least I could go a reasonable speed and not be in trouble. He pulled into the other lane, got behind another car, turned on his lights and ripped through a red light.

That was way too stressful, and now I'm tired and my stomach hurts. :(

(SPEAKING OF STOMACH ACHES, I figured out what my problem was (from this thread) β€” my cereal! not sure why but it's the only thing that's made me sick. I've been drinking protein shakes for breakfast ever since and I've had no problems. Thanks for all your advice!)