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Egads! Single women!

But if you look at the coverage, single men don’t exist?

I’m really, really tired of reading all the articles about the huge, gigantic, society-shifting change caused by women choosing to remain single. All the articles about independence, about choosing careers, birth control, women being too picky, tinder giving us too many options...etc. etc. etc.

And yet. They either never mention the men, or they mention them in brief passing. “Oh, she goes on dates but she’s busy” or “she’s had boyfriends but they were all manbabies”.


If there are so many single women, aren’t there also more single men? Can we talk about them and analyze them too? It’s not like women are fending off proposals every time we appear in public or could just choose to not be single if only we weren’t so set on being Single Women? Or maybe I’m crazy and that’s what’s happening to everyone else?

Just this once, can we maybe talk about the men and their experiences and not just the women?

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