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Egg Help, Plz!!!

Ok. I fucking LOVE eggs over easy. However, I have had as much luck flipping the fuckers as an opossum picking up and playing a harmonica. I am usually a pretty darn good cook, too. There is very little I CANNOT do in the kitchen. Shit, I can sweat onions and slice garlic paper thin, but I cannot, for the life of me, get the wretched eggs to flip over without exploding the yolks. What am I doing wrong, Hivemind?! I know there are a ton of good cooks on here. Any tips?

I am using Calphalon n0-sick pans and have the corresponding non-stick implements. It's an electric, ceramic cook-top. I have Pam. I have butter. I have even tried practicing with bread, something I read online. Oh, I can flip bread like a CHAMP, but eggs?! Not on my life.


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