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Egg Muffin Maker Actually Doesn't Suck!

I'm terrified of making under-cooked eggs. Eggs' runny, gooey phlegm-like texture and their whiff of sulfur scent makes my skin crawl. Not to mention how the shells shatter willy-nilly like gritty bits of crunchy brittle fingernails.

My family, however, loves the damn things. Fried, scrambled, poached, in a quiche and over easy... but they want me to make them. I can't cook these fragile little chicken bastards to save my life because I'm certainly not EATING them.


Enter this machine:

That's the Hamilton Beach Egg Muffin Maker. I have cranked out 5 perfect egg sandwiches since last night and I don't even have to scramble the nasty things. The inner rings are non stick hefty metal that rinse off or go in the dishwasher.

It is fascinating and pretty tiny, about the size of a bag of English Muffins. Yes, I know I could just use a frying pan and an egg ring, but there are QUALITY control issues. This little gadget left nothing to chance. It gets really hot though so I'd keep the kids away unless they've got a healthy understanding of avoiding burns. Also you have to use pre-cooked meats, the machine only warms up the meat, melts the cheese and toasts the bread.

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