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Egg Shell Phobia?

Okay, this has been bothering me and, incidentally Cardinal Alexander, for FOREVER.

It didn't used to be so bad, but within the last 7-8 years, when eating eggs if I crunch down on anything that even feels like it could be an egg shell (which includes, sadly, pepper, salt, bacon pieces and other non-eggshell delicious crunchy things) I immediately have a violent gag reflex reaction and have to spit it out or else I'll throw up.


What drives me crazy about it, though, is that this does not happen — ever — when I go out to restaurants. Which is obviously fortunate, as running through a restaurant with my hand covering my mouth and ducking into a bathroom would be crazy embarrassing.

But I've scoured the usually reliable intertubes and I've never found much information on this, so I'm kind of hoping GroupThinkers might have an answer or some ideas.

I've tried holding it in my mouth to let the gag reflex subside, but it doesn't really work. I just want my G-D eggs in the morning.

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