Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m being inundated with eggplant thanks to my CSA. Again. I guess I’ll always expect to just have way too much eggplant this time of year!

I made this delicious dip with mashed roasted eggplant, sesame oil, some hot chili oil, and scallions. Plus, baba ganoush and various other dishes.

Someone on GT posted about this silky eggplant sauce (I think it was Edie Beale’s Costume?) last year - when I was dealing with this problem. I made it and it was delicious...but I forgot to save the recipe/link! It was, if I can recall, basically eggplant cooked in a skillet for a long time until it became a “sauce.” Only, I don’t remember if there were any other steps or if I had to add a liquid to it...Does anyone remember this?


And do you all have tried and true eggplant recipes? I’d hate for it to go to waste, but I’m not a huge fan of aubergine. It’s like the one thing I don’t really like roasted...

ETA: I think I found the recipe I was looking for:

BUT I still have a looooot of eggplant, so keep those recipes coming. :)

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