Eggs Are a Go: Follicles Gettin' Stimulated

Exciting updates on my first egg donor cycle. TW: shots, fertility

Basically this is me for the next week or so. I had to go back on the pill for 12 days, stop for 4 (which triggered some faux period, expected but not cool), went in for bloodwork and ultrasound Friday morning. Got the clear to give myself shots of Gonal-F (which comes in the same cool pen my friend uses for her insulin) and Menopur starting last night, now have to go in for more bloodwork and ultrasounds Monday morning and every few days until the retrieval in about 10 days, varying the ingredients in the shots. Still not sure what I'm going to say to my boss about why I have to take a random vacation day in the middle of the week.

I can't drink, have sex, or do high-impact exercise until a week after they retrieve the eggs, so I'm getting a little stir-crazy. My headaches are really acting up and I can't take Advil, and forgot to pick up Tylenol. Butttt it'll be all worth it gettin that sweet cash money helping some nice people start their families.

Update: day 3 of shots. I've started pretending I'm a mad scientist who has been ostracized by the medical research field and now has to perform human trials on myself MWAHAHAHA. Multi-egg ovulation would be the lamest mutant power ever.