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Eight days to NaNoWriMo!

It’s that time of year again! Eight days until a bunch of dorks like me decide to give up their free time for a month so that they can write a novel!

I don’t do it every year, and I haven’t won it each time I tried, but I find it a good exercise if you really want to stretch your writing muscles and build some endurance. Also, you learn to give in to your impulses because, screw it, you need to get your word count up.


I was struggling with what I wanted to do this year, and kept going back and forth. There’s the Serious Project that I’d like to start, but that I don’t feel I’m up to snuff for yet. There’s the Fun Story that I thought up last year, but that has some sizable plot problems that I still haven’t quite sorted out.

Then, it came to me: An old D&D campaign I ran. It was originally going to be a writing project, but I converted it to game. I still had my notes, so I could totally convert it back! I had a rough plot, some settings sketched out, and even a rough outline of the main characters that I could work off of.

The only problem so far appears to be the fact that Mr. Cunning played in this campaign, and is of the opinion that he should be the main character. Oh, he was also annoyed that I was changing “his” character’s motivations, since “make more money” isn’t really a good motivation for a central character. I finally informed him that if he wanted to write the story exclusively from his character’s POV, he was welcome to do so, but I was doing the story my way.

Anyway, is anyone else interested in doing NaNo this year? Come, join the madness!


* Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

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