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Hi dog owners! I have a 15-year-old wienerdog who is struggling with going to the bathroom in the right spot, understandably. I’ve got her on a medication that is helping with incontinence, and there has been a dramatic improvement, but now she doesn’t seem to...I dunno, remember her training? It’s not limited to just peeing in the house, it’s that I take her out very frequently and she WON’T go outside, even when the other dog does. It’s like she doesn’t know what to do out there. We can’t walk her much but we tried it yesterday and that didn’t work, which truly shocked me. So I think incontinence might only be part of the puzzle and that some of this is cognitive.

So I think I am going to try to indoor train her using puppy pads. Does anyone have experience with this, particularly with an old or senile dog?? I am not sure how receptive she’ll be to training at all, but I figure if she realllllly wants to go in the house, let’s just go in the house. Part of the reason I think some of this is cognitive is she’s not going in like, consistent spots or anything either. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to where and when.

I have resisted pee pads because 1) I don’t want to untrain my other dog (but I’m starting to lose that battle too) and 2) I thought going on the hardwoods was a better option than having a urine-soaked pad around. The amount of accidents - I mean, it’s like several a day at this point - has caused me to change my mind about that.


I’m depressed seeing her decline like this - it seems very sudden to me. I know she’s getting up there though and I’m trying to make peace with it.

Here she is being sweet and snuggly when it was cold a week or so ago. She is about 9 lbs and is nearly impossible to photograph most of the time.

There are medications that can boost her cognitive function but the vet is not 100% convinced that’s the problem and also is reluctant to give her that medication on top of the other stuff she’s taking. I dunno, to me she seems a bit disoriented in more ways than this - like seems to be forgetting it’s meal time, which she used to always know like clockwork, not reacting when I open the treats container even though I can tell she notices me doing it. But I can’t really argue if he doesn’t want to put her on more medication - I guess the incontinence meds are a little bit heavy on the side effects, and she takes a painkiller regularly too which makes her sleepy.


Thanks all!

ETA and here is one of the many paintings I’ve done of her, but definitely my favorite.


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