Does anyone have any recommendations for a good electric heater? My dream for this winter is to leave my heat set really low and just heat a room (or maybe 2) at a time. I live in the south so our heat in the winter is super inefficient, and I live alone in a decent sized place and it seems silly to heat the whole thing up when I'm only in one room at at time. Plus I'm basically never warm in winter unless there is a heater on me full throttle anyway.

I'm looking for something that is:

  • Energy efficient, since I'm hoping to save money.
  • Preferably less than 100 and def less than 150 (the cheaper the better though as long as it's good!)
  • Can be left on while I'm out of the house, since I want to keep it warm for my dog
  • ...Not too ugly? In a dream world I'd have a cheesy little electric fake fireplace but I'm guessing those aren't great energy wise, although please prove me wrong!
  • Bonus points if the heater is good at heating humid air - it doesn't get super cold here but its a damp cold which gets in your bones!

Thanks in advance, as per usual, Hivemind!