Two of my friends died.

They were sixteen and seventeen. They could be alive, but they aren’t.

They had been driving on the beach. They didn’t adjust their tire pressure after going from sand to pavement. And they weren’t wearing their seat belts.

Under inflated tires will blowout if you go too fast. And by too fast, I mean like, 40-50 mph. It doesn’t take much.

If your tires blow out and you’re not wearing a seatbelt, there’s a decent chance you will be seriously injured or die. And your friends will still be sad eleven years later, if you were awesome people.


My friends were. One was incredibly smart with a giant heart who could have done something to better the world. I was kinda in love with him for six years. The other was the funniest person I knew and could make anyone laugh.

Please friends, please. Wear your seat belts. For me.