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Boston is considering eliminating middle school aka jr high. Students would go from kindergarten to 7th or 8th grade then on to high school.

Its an interesting proposal. It seems like a throwback to single school house days.

I understand the idea is to stop kids shifting from school to school. But three schools in 13 years is not that bad. One from k to 6, second from 7 to 9 and third 10 to 12. Now I am not sure if this is universal but my Catholic school system jr high was only 7 and 8 then onto the Catholic high school. My Catholic jr high did have a 9th grade for those who were going to the public high school or retest to get into the Catholic high school for 10th grade.


I aam against this idea. A) I think its a bad idea to mix 7th and 8th graders with k through 6. Jr highers really try pushing their limits and jr high students tend to be at their nastiest. Also hormones are starting to rage.

Also b) when you reach the 6th grade you don’t want to be in same areas as the younger students. Jr high you don’t feel like a kid but you feel anxious for high school. Grade school you feel like a kid.

I thought of jr high as a nice transition period. You don’t feel like a kid any more but also dealing with transitioning into teenage years by 7th you are either ending being 12 or just entered teen years.


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