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This blog was posted by a Facebook friend a while back and I think her words are more than relevant here. She's a biracial woman who competes in weightlifting and crossfit competitions. She doesn't speak like a gymrat; she's very supportive of women, very much about being your own person, and her blog reads like she's giving us a window to watch as she navigates her world and dealing with womens issues and racial issues. Two of my favorite entries:

"I'm not trying to be that diesel." Somewhat of an antidote to today's strong is the new skinny article on Jez. It's very positive and there is absolutely no shaming or beating of the breast outrage. It's uplifting, even though I'm about as far from a crossfit athlete as you can get.

"Black Jesus Is Redundant." This one covers a whole host of issues in which there are no easy answers, but it is enlightening.


Sometimes outrage (articles) is fine, sometimes we read it and we come away feeling worse about ourselves than we already did. Sometimes we just need to come away feeling positive.

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