Elisabeth Moss is on the cover of New York Magazine and describes her marriage to SNL star Fred Armisen as "extremely traumatic, awful and horrible." Saying she didn't realize how young she was at the time and that she's very glad she got out before she was 50 or had had kids.

Armisen described himself โ€” on Howard Stern โ€” as a "bad husband."

But you know who the real villain is here?

According to the internet, it's Elisabeth Moss, of course.

Why is she being so vague? If she's going to talk about it, then just TALK about it. What does she have to hide? Why is she just trying to destroy poor Fred? If something really happened, she would just tell people what it was. It couldn't have been that bad, or she would be scared of speaking out.

Right, you guys?


I'm just going to leave this here:


Frankly, it's none of my business what happened in her marriage, but asking her to shut up unless she wants to give detailed reports is just ludicrous. And if she gave detailed reports, people would likely ask why she didn't call the cops. And if she did call the cops, people would point to the fact that he was never arrested or imprisoned for any crime.

It's an endless cycle of victim-blaming. Knock that shit off, internet.