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So, I watched Eloise for the first time tonight. For those that don't know, Eloise is a series of movies/shorts based on a series of books about a little girl living in the Plaza Hotel.

So, I don't like Eloise. In this 45 minute video:

1. Eloise is a spoiled, demanding brat

2. A little Japanese girl and her family come to stay in the hotel but Eloise may not be able to play with her because the girl is a violin prodigy and it's work, work, work all day for her


3. The doorman has a stereotypical NY Italian accent (the concierge and managers and such all have snotty affected accents)

4. We meet two Latina maids who I assume are immigrants based on their accent.

5. Eloise's parents are non-existent. I have no idea what her mom does but I know she's in Paris (on Eloise's birthday) and she travels a lot. No mention of a father.


6. Eloise and the Japanese girl run off in the hotel and get lost for hours. Police are called. The nanny makes Eloise promise not to share any of this with her mother when she calls at the end of the day to wish Eloise a happy birthday.

I mean, congrats on actually having people of color in this show, I guess? I have no idea why/how Eloise is so popular. Maybe it's just because it's new to me, but it seems worse than anything I ever watched growing up.


I have no idea what the point of any of this was. I was just dumbfounded as I was watching and I needed to share it with someone.

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