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Eloquii is Live!

So, Eloquii is back. The store is open. I've only browsed very quickly, but I like what I see. The prices seem high, but I usually bought when there was a sale (which was all the time), so I'm sure the prices will be "adjusted" soon enough.

Check out the new Eloquii at http://www.eloquii.com/.

What do you guys think?

ETA: Eloquii has a blog as well where they give a little more information on the relaunch.


Per the blog, Eloquii is now an independent company owned and operated by its employees. Also, they have a new approach to how they stock clothes:

"You might notice that the new ELOQUII is a bit different. We’re focused on keeping things fresh and will be launching 25 new styles every two to three weeks. These styles will be produced in limited quantities however we’re also offering a new, colorful assortment of basics which will be available throughout the year. This faster design pace allows us to bring you runway inspired, trend driven styles even faster."

Interesting. I feel like this means items will probably sell out really fast, which I'm not too thrilled about. On the other hand, old Eloquii sold out a lot as well, so maybe not as bad as I imagined. In any case, I'm excited to see the store back and we'll see how it goes!

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