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Elsipogtog First Nation Protests against Shale Gas Turns Violent

Silly gif, but not a silly subject. I hope you have heard about this, but if you haven't I am trying to spread the word.

I just want to share the news on the Elsipogtog first nation protests surrounding Shale gas exploration and fracking in Rexton, New Brunswick. This is an important issue, and the protest has become violent with RCMP trying to break it up using rubber bullets, pepper spray... etc.


I am basically just going to post multiple links about the protest, I am not going to write any commentary or explain in a lot of detail because:

1) I am a terrible at writing anything that is not scientific (a la journal articles or lab reports) and I really do not want to butcher this.

2) I am super busy today with schoolwork and really don't have the time to summarize everything that has happened, but I think this it is super important that the news of what is going on be spread.

3) Keep in mind, that while I am of aboriginal decent, I have absolutely no real connections with the Aboriginal Community in Canada, unfortunately my great grandparents were too ashamed of their ancestry to teach any of the members of my family anything about our heritage. So I am basically writing this from a white woman with a significant amount of privilege type of perspective. I feel like there are many others who know much more about this issue, and could provide an educated perspective, whereas I cannot and do not feel comfortable doing that.


I would love for anyone on GT who has more information or perspective to share their voice on this, or write a much more thorough post than I ever could.

Here are the links to just some of the many articles written about the protest:

Oct 3 Shale Gas protesters are ordered by the court to remove their barriers

Oct 4 The protesters defy the order to remove the barriers they have put up to prevent shale gas exploration and fracking


Oct 7 Talks begin to end the demonstration, and to come up with a peaceful solution

Oct 11 RCMP explain why they have yet to take any measures to break up the protest, injuction on behalf of SWN resources (protesters) extended to Oct 21


Oct 17 Protesters seem to dispurse after a violent clash with RCMP officers including but not limited to: rubber bullets, pepper spray, and RCMP cars were burned to the ground.

Oct 17 Supportive protests and movements spread throughout Canada

Oct 18 Protesters who were arrested are to be held through the weekend, Many believe protest is going to spread to a National Scale


—> Jo.Stockton wrote a comment below that elaborates on the treaties with First Nation peoples in Canada. As she points out, the inherent racism within the treaties is the underlying problem, not really the shale gas exploration itself (though I personally think shale gas exploration is like shaking hands with the devil).

—> Borb posted a great video below of a brilliant Elsipogtog woman's thoughts on what has been happening.


Again, everyone please feel free to post links below related to commentary or other news articles. I will do my best to add them to this post (with your permission of course). Or please make your own post! You are all so talented, and write so well, I bow down to your greatness.

FYI: I have a million things I have to do today so I may not be able to update the post frequently, probably only every few hours.


ETA: Also check out #Elsipogtog for up to date tweets and information

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