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Email from my dad/Dad and Daughter Night at Chili's?!?

Hi Jinxie!

It's me your [name redacted]. Chilis is doing a thing. I got an email. Here. I can't eat, but I can drive now and we can get you a chili. Maybe I get salad with no chili. Do they have salad?

Things I learned:

1. My dad thinks chili is "a chili". And seems to think that Chili's is a chili restaurant.


2. My dad's driving ahead of schedule (he had heart surgery a few weeks back and is doing super well).

3. Chili's does daddy daughter things?! Wtf?! Why? Though, I must admit this sounds good:

Join us for dinner and a night of fun! All participating Dads & Daughters will receive a complimentary Skillet Cookie to share and a takeaway photo to remember the special night. At participating locations only. Please see manager for details.

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