Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For the love of doge, please actually search your email if you think you haven't received something.

I know this is kind of a tiny gripe, but this type of crap clogs my workflow. Before you tell me you didn't get an email, please do your due diligence to see if you did in fact get it. Check your spam and junk mail folders. Use a variety of different search terms, including my name, anyone else who might have been copied on the email, any vague memories you might have on what the email subject could be.


Your very last option should be to email me about it. It might seem like it would be quicker to have me resend than for you to find where it went, but by telling me you didn't get it, I have to take time to redo something I did right already. I also lose trust in my email system which is dangerous because I need it to work perfectly.

I made a doge to halp me feel better.

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