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Emails and other work thoughts

I would really like if people who are asking me to look for work for them didn't send me ridiculous emails. 3 in my inbox this morning.

-One person a temp the title of the job was Data Entry emailed that the job was boring and don't we have anything more exciting. IT'S DATA ENTRY what did you think you'd be doing? Secret missions? Working at the Wonka factory? Roller coaster tester?


-Recent college grad who got a pay raise and title bump into her dream department quit her job suddenly and we had to track her down. The job she left us suddenly for ended last month. IF her email was true then her main complaint was having set hours and a routine every day. Can I find her something with a company that would let her choose her own projects and hours? Sure because working in 95% of offices is a choose your own adventure and you don't have to any of the boring icky work.

-One temp who emailed 10 minutes after she was supposed to be in the office that she wasn't going in. Oh thanks for the notice I really appreciate that.


Dude I have worked the working on the laptop off-hours, checking the Blackberry job it's exhausting especially when you don't feel appreciated. My current job I make more money, get treated better and don't have to worry about a team lead calling me when I'm out to dinner and can I run some numbers when I get home. Quality of life is super important I 100% get that.

If you have a passion that you can get paid for that's awesome and I'm happy for you because god knows people won't realize because it's your passion you're also working hard.


For many of us the reality is find a job where you won't turn into the guy in Office Space who burns the building down, and find yourself in your outside of work life. Because most of the time yes you will be doing the same thing every day, and be expected in at the same time every day, and most of it will probably seem dull. That's why they pay you at the end of the week.

And never look down on the people making less money. Every time I get a salary and job boost I have felt less stressed and exhausted and overwhelmed with more freedom to enjoy myself outside of work.

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