Another gem from The Toast; Emails from Luna Lovegood.

Examples include:

To: [All:Hogwarts] From: Luna Lovegood <> Subject: classified wizard Benghazi reports

To: Hermione Granger-Weasley <>
From: Luna Lovegood <>
Subject: FW: Microwave radiation interfering with wand performance – WATCH LIVE

I love Luna, but also don’t find it difficult to see her making the leap to crazy conspiracy theorist. Mallory, as always, explains it perfectly. “She was anti-government, believed in cryptozoology and pseudoscience, and had no sense of when to keep her beliefs to herself; Luna ABSOLUTELY believes essential oils can cure cancer and it drives Hermione crazy to have to be polite to her when they run into each other.”

The only one I don’t think she would send is the one about the dementors.