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Embarrassing Confessions

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Soooooo......what have you done recently that was hell of embarrassing? Or not so recently but it still haunts you? Please share so I don’t feel alone in my shame and mortification!


My story: I get fast-food breakfast more often than I should (couple times a week I KNOW IT’S BAD PLEASE DON’T JUDGE) and, being a creature of habit, always go to the same McD’s that’s right on the way to work. This morning I was all, “Fuck it. I cannot face those people again. They’ve seen me every week for MONTHS and I’m too embarrassed and I just can’t deal with anyone’s scorn today.” So I went slightly out of my way to a different McD’s and oh my God “my” regular drive-thru person was there filling in for someone who called out sick! And she recognized me and was all “Hey! What are you doing here?” and it was totally horrifying.

And the worst part? My addiction to breakfast burritos will totally overcome my shame and I’ll be back there any day now.

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