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Embarrassing Facebook photos from 2005

My freshman year of college was in 2005, which happened to be one of the earliest Facebook years (we were the first class to come in having Facebook, I think?), and early on was when they started allowing photos posted. While I've been pretty good about curating my Facebook presence overall, just now I looked at a picture someone just tagged of me, accidentally hit the back arrow, and realized that the first pictures of me ever put on Facebook (EIGHT YEARS AGO, Jesus) were of me at my friend's birthday party in a midriff-baring top and overalls.

Debating untagging them, but they're also the first pictures of me and a few girls I am still really good friends with, so they're kind of nostalgically cute. The one involving Smirnoff Ice should probably be banished, though.

Listen, we all did things we're not proud of.

Edit: OH MY GOD, IT GETS BETTER. That was the year that I cut up one of my high school uniforms and went as "sexy Catholic school girl" for Halloween (which at least 50% of my high school class apparently also did, I remember). That is the NEXT series of photos after the overalls. I seem to have had the foresight to have made those accessible only to a very small group of friends, though.


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