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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I picked my apartment partly because it has a slightly strange layout. When you enter, there is a fairly long hallway before it opens up into a large open dining/kitchen/living area. The hallway is great because Tammy Faye has a little separation anxiety and MUST be right by the front door when home alone (she escapes cages and eats doggie gates and walls if she can’t get to the front door). I put up a doggie gate and give her free run of the long hallway with a pee pad. It works well. She has a nice sized area with no carpet near the front door.

We have a little routine. I take her out to pee. When I get back, I take off her leash before I let her in the front door. She runs down the hallway full blast and bursts into the main apartment in a frenzied shih tzu sprint (faster than you might expect). I don’t know why, but she loves to do this. I take a minute to take off my shoes and hang her leash up while she blasts around.

Last night I take her out. We go down the elevator, go out, take the elevator up. I get to the front door, take off her leash, open it, and she RUNS. I walk in behind her and realize in horror that’s it not my apartment. It’s the exact apartment as mine, but one floor below. By the time I process and walk in to apologize, Tammy Faye has blasted in and jumped up on their couch and settled in like she owns the place. She is curled up on the couch before they can even see me.


They were very nice. My memory is a bit hazy because I was mortified. They had guests and rented a fight or something on pay per view. They were expecting more friends to just walk in so they were really just surprised when they thought their friend showed up with a surprise shih tzu. I apologized and removed Tammy Faye from the couch. We chatted. She snorffled around the floor for dropped snacks and they tried to offer me a shot. They were a lively bunch having a good time. Their kids petted Tammy Faye. I tried to make a quick exit down the hall, but the kids followed me and wanted to pet her so I obliged. It was all mortifying.

My neighbors are super nice. Should I drop off an apology card or cookies or a small gift? They were so cool about some random lady in dog walking uggs and sweat pants (basically my pajamas) just releasing a tiny dog into their home unannounced.

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