Which baskets do I buy? ๐Ÿค”

UPDATE: I read all your advice and the majority seemed to go with covers, so I decided to buy the two cheap baskets. I might invest in the fair-trade baskets later and create a cover for them, just because I like them so much. But today I splurged on plants instead! Yay just look at how cute it all looks! Thanks so much for pitching in everyone! :D

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For context, it should go on this shelf and hold clothes and the like.


Should I buy..1 of these beautifull fairtrade baskets for 20 bucks? (I could buy two but Iโ€™m also buying an aloe vera plant with pot so Iโ€™ll maybe invest in an extra basket later)


Or 2 of these cheaper bamboo baskets from a chain store?