Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is an ongoing struggle with me. I've had awesome baked sweet potato fries but I can't accomplish it myself.* They are always too mushy.

I tried this recipe the other night and it was the closest I came to the perfect fry (and believe me, they were awesome), but still weren't quite stiff enough. I've tried blasting them on broil before and they burn outside (which I think tastes awesome) but are still not stiff and crispy. WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?!

Illustration for article titled Emergency Feminist Issue: How to make crispy sweet potato fries.

Do you people have any advice/experience to share?

*I am not used to failing in the kitchen. I am good at things. I hate failing.

EDIT TO ADD: Thanks for all the responses! I knew you guys would come through. I'm going to do them Thursday I think. Thanks!

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