A lot of people are afraid to leave abusive situations because they have a pet that may be difficult to take with them, and the pet may be harmed if they leave it behind. In a number of countries, veterinarians have worked together with Humane Societies/SPCA’s to provide emergency foster shelters for animals like these. Here are some links.

In the U.S;

In the U.K.;

In Canada, it looks like the individual province’s organize separately, either through the SPCA or the provincial Veterinarian Medical Associations; for example in Ontario, the vets run the program and they advise contacting the local assaulted women’s hotline, who will liaise with the program. So in Canada, I’d advise contacting both a vet and the SPCA to enquire about how it might be organized in each province.



In Alberta it’s the SPCA


In Australia;