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A few days ago (I think, the video is timestamped september 21st) Emma Watson gave a speech at the UN. They are starting a new initiative called heforshe with the goal of including more men in the fight for gender equality.

Many parts of her speech rang true for me and from what I can heard, it's an initiative I can get behind. Her disappointment of the negativity surrounding the word 'feminist' especially is something that is very familiar to me, since I was afraid of that word not too long ago. I think (I hope) there's a good chance that her speech will ring true for more people who currently live under the false impression that feminism = man-hating. That people will hear this and think 'yes, those are ideas I support, even if I don't like the word'. Because I do believe that equality is more important than the word feminism.

How did I find out this speech had been given? How come I spent 15 minutes of my tuesday morning listening to it? Because it came up when my co-workers were discussing 'the fappening part 2'. Which is, apparently, a thing. The fact that it's a thing makes me incredibly sad. Especially because I heard my colleagues mention that the reason that this is being released is as a rebuttal to this particular speech. I heard a coworker explain that the hackers had stated : "They were like 'oh you want to give a feminist speech, we'll release you're foto's next'."
He grinned while he was saying this. And my stomach turned.


When another coworker said "I don't get why you'd put you're photos up anyway." I commented sarcastically "The victim should always be blamed first." To which my other coworker replied, without a hint of sarcasm "Off course."

I'm glad that I won't be working here in a week and a half. But I worry that the next place I work will be just the same. Boys laughing at these kind of things happening. That a woman who DARES speak of equality, (considering not just her own gender in this fight but everything) is threatened as a result.


Most of all, that this harassment, this 'teaching her a lesson' about speaking out, is considered funny and also expected. That women are still expected to be without opinion. To keep their mouths shut. To listen to what men tell them. If they don't, they get what's coming to them. It's their own faults for not keeping their mouth shut. *shakes head*

ETA: Is it really too much to expect any guy to be halfway decent when it comes to these things? I managed to make them see a different side of the first part of this leak story by rage-ranting at them. But as soon as a new (but similar) situation arises they don't see the problem in being total 'bros' about it. How can perfectly decent human beings turn around and be such monsters in 0.5 seconds?

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