Hello, Groupthinkers! I've been MIA as of late because I've been working my butt off in the very industry that was honored last night.

As I watched the show with my mom, she had some things to say about this year's fashions and I thought I'd share them with you all with her permission.

To the fashions!

ETA: The formatting is awful!! GAH!


Kerry Washington

"She's so pretty but that dress has WAY too much going on. There's lace, there's flowers, there's netting, there's gold, there's ribbons. There are flowers coming out of her boobs!"

Claire Danes

"I don't know why I don't like this, but I don't."

Anna Gunn

"Why on earth would you pair black lace with pink satin? It looks like underwear. It looks like a slip with a camisole top. If you ever win an Emmy, do not wear lace. It looks like underwear."


Heidi Klum

"Ooo, now that's pretty!"

Me: "That collar thing is a bit odd"

"Well yes the collar is weird, but it's so art deco! And Heidi Klum can wear anything."


Connie Britton

"It's gorgeous but I'll be honest with you." *serious face* "It looks like those tacky velvet drapes your Aunt Anne used to have. They were matched to that couch you weren't allowed to sit on."


Kaley Cuoco

"Is it trendy now to look like you're wearing underwear? If you ever go to the Emmy's, please wear a dress that doesn't look like underwear."


Mindy Kaling

"Oh, now what is she?"

Me: "She's Indian."

"And what is she on?"

Me: "She has her own show now called The Mindy Project and she was on the Office."

"I didn't like that show. Her dress is cute and she has a cute shape. Good for her getting her own show."


Melissa Leo

"That is the craziest outfit I've seen tonight. I'm through."