Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi GTers. Since the past month has been a nightmare of catastrophic proportions, I thought I’d check in and vent a little myself. How are you? Excited to see some new authors too.

I’ve been largely absent (but lurking) from around here, PRIMARILY because I now spend most of my time making art and don’t have my computer nearby and my phone doesn’t do Kinja. When I do get on the computer I usually go to news sites first, then Splinter, then GT last but I’m usually out of commenting gas at that point. But rest assured I am still wasting plenty of my workday!


I have been so upset - the thing with the kids in the jails hit me in a place I didn’t even know existed. Then the slew of horrid court decisions and Kennedy retiring. The last week, for me, was worse emotionally than the week following the election. I think it’s because all the fears we all had at that time are now coming to pass. I have a lot of projects going on right now and generally work everyday, but I am incapable of doing creative work when I’m too upset, so I had to take a solid 3 days off and largely on internet black out to get myself back together. I took Thursday-Saturday off for “meltdown” as I called it (I did make it to the protest but left early because meltdown).

Obviously I am still here living my life exactly the same as I have been for a long time - white, straight, non-immigrant, and OK financially - so my June wasn’t near as bad as it was for a lot of people. And frankly because of that I need to get it together. After my days of meltdown, I felt more energized and have taken the following actions toward some desperate efforts to stop this train to hell and I hope you, too, can give yourself permission for a freakout and come back energized:

  • Gotten educated about all the lower level candidates running for state legislative offices in my state and places where I know people (like TX where much of my family is and SC where I grew up) and started posting about them. I have reached out to some local ones about volunteering.
  • Volunteered for my neighboring House district campaign.
  • Reached out to set up some art donations to benefit a couple campaigns.
  • Calmly and collectedly engaged with two relatives on Facebook and my stepdad on the phone about considering not voting Republican this year, and had productive and positive conversations (WHATTTTT)

But really, how are you?

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