Any knowledgeable Groupthinkers out there about employee confidentiality in Canada?

Today I read an email that made me super uncomfortable. A casual acquaintance was fired from their job last week. Subsequently, in order to “quell rumours”, the employer sent out an email to all members of his various teams (about 30 or so people). The email contained detailed information about why he was fired - his lack of communication, his non-compliance of requests (and the employer’s “total patience and constant polite and professional reminders of requests” ....) how they have wanted to let him go for almost a year, stuff about a CSST (worker’s compensation for on the job injury that this person sustain) claim that the employee never pursued properly and thus his lack of rehabilitation affected his job performance.

I feel like this is a big no-no. The firing was a bit of a shock to everyone since the guy was well liked by his team members. But it’s one thing to send out an email like “This email is to inform you that so and so is no longer employed with us. Please be aware that we are working on finding you another team leader. ”. But quite another to outline all the reasons someone was fired - that seems like a huge confidentiality breach for the employee (especially the CSST stuff).

Or is it okay to send out such an email? I’ve never heard of such a thing. It seems like it could directly affect this persons future job prospects in a really big way and that none of this stuff is anybody’s business unless it’s a future employer calling for a reference...