To continue the theme that Whiskey in the Shade started here...

My daughter's new reaction to buys hitting on her is to quote random Non playable Character lines from video games.

While coming out of the lunch line today, a boy approached her today with the well thought out line of, "Hey your kind of cute..."

She replied, "Would you like some Dwarfin crafts?"

His smile froze and he backed away while all her friends in line laughed.

Yesterday, a boy came up to her before school. She said he winked and put his arm around her.


She replied, "Would you like some Dwarfin crafts?" and handed him the notebook that was in her hands. While he was standing there confused, a friend of hers ran up and declared, "Dwarfin crafts! Would you like to trade?" she grabbed the notebook and handed him an empty chip bag. Then they all ran off giggling.

I should hire an incognito camera man to follow her around.