Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things I have learned from RateMyProfessor:

  • I am rude
  • four tests is too many tests
  • an exam worth ten percent of your grade is awful
  • music classes are supposed to be easy
  • I am a “hard grader”
  • if you are a hard grader, you are a bad teacher
  • if your class is difficult, you are a bad teacher
  • thirteen study guides with ten questions each copied word for word from the exam is still considered “absolutely no hint of what will be on the exam”
  • survey courses in music are only for music majors
  • a thirty minute exam for a fifty minute course is too long
  • the font size of your exam determines how difficult your exam is
  • an exam which covers ninety pages is too long
  • when sixty percent of the class grading is based in things like studyguides, participation, and going to a concert, there is absolutely no consideration for people who are “bad” test-takers
  • I am rude
  • talking about how there are multiple religions with musical traditions is insulting to Catholics
  • attendance policies are not appreciated
  • don’t be rude

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