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Welcome To The Bitchery
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End of the Semester Blues

This semester can’t end fast enough.

I mentioned in various open threads that I had a student plagiarize a bunch of assignments, which I generously told her she could turn in in lieu of the quizzes she missed due to a work conflict. Her answers are word for word identical to mine on every problem (I know for some things it’s difficult to avoid similar phrasing, but this is every answer). She turned in handwritten answers, and she copied down a typo from my original solution set. This is a pretty open and shut case. I emailed her this morning to let her know I would not give her credit for these assignments.


Well, I just got an email from her telling me that she absolutely did not plagiarize, she had no idea the solutions were online, she worked hard, blah blah blah, and she wanted to speak to my supervisor. I told her she was free to contact the chair, and then I emailed the chair to let him know about the situation.

The final is Thursday, and then I’m done (except for grading).

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