Y’all, I was productive as fudge this weekend and I wanna brag about it. :D Come share your weekend accomplishments (even if by “accomplishment” you mean “sat on my ass and drank/ate”).

So, yesterday, I went to yoga, hit up the co-op, reorganized the area under the kitchen sink (um, guys? you can actually see the base of the cabinet—it’s really there!), cleaned out the fridge, did the dishes, tended to the garbage/recycling/compost, went for a 4 mile hike with Homey, made a healthy dinner, saw a movie, and had sex. Hells yes.


Today, I had breakfast with my bestie, marked student papers, graded a second set of homework assignments, had lunch with my brother & Homey, ordered towels and Christmas presents, read for work, went for a 2 mile walk with Homey, did some laundry, and am currently cooking yet another healthy dinner (2 in a row!). After dinner, we’ll watch a movie while I do my nails and then we’re hitting the road to try to see the supermoon eclipse. Go, me!

‘K. Your turn! What’d you do this weekend?