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AWESOME ALERT: Badass Native Grannies Capture, Burn NeoNazi Flag

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“My uncle stormed the shores of Normandy to eliminate your forerunners, the Nazis, that killed millions all over the world, so we know what your intent is, to criminalize Dakota territory. You will not do it. The grandmothers will stand up to you. The women will take you on.” —Protester Phyllis Young


Remember the oozing, sentient asshole Paul Craig Cobb who decided to form his own white supremacist community in North Dakota? Well, Dakota is fighting back- literally. Dakota and Lakota tribal members (AKA the most authentic North Dakota-ins you will ever find) are among the residents protesting the invasion, and a bunch of amazing grannies decided to capture and burn the group's flag during an anti-Nazi rally on Saturday. Here they are posing with the flag like total Badasses. In my imagination I see them cackling and high-fiving and going "Who's house? OUR HOUSE!" the entire time. Another protestor, Chase Iron Eyes, points out that the Swastika wasn't even their symbol to begin with:

“You have nothing. That swastika is even our symbol.”

“You have appropriated our intellectual properties because you have none.”

Burn. Don't mess with the OGs: Original Grannies. Please adopt me.

The Nazi-Stepford wannabes aren't having much luck from the local government either, as their houses are shitty in both construction and actual shit. Some of them are condemned or near condemned, and even Cobb's house lacks proper plumbing, a serious health hazard. The city has issued them an ultimatum: fix yo' shit within 5 days or GTFO. They might even take him to court!


All of this makes me so happy! Four for you North Dako-ko! You go, North Dako-ko! And none for NeoNazis. bye.

Read the full article at wonkette.

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