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ENDA Passes - Right-Wing Freak Out Commences

From Buzzfeed (h/t Daily Kos)

As the Senate passed the Employee Non-Discrimination Act on Thursday, just one Republican senator — Indiana’s Dan Coats — took to the floor to oppose it.

The silence from the Senate Republican caucus stunned social conservatives, who have been arguing that the legislation, which provides workplace protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees, will undermine religious liberty.


“I’m mystified and deeply disappointed, because there are profound constitutional issues at stake here,” said the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer. “The entire First Amendment is being put up for auction by this bill and it’s inexcusable that no Republican senators are willing to stand up and defend the Constitution.”

“I believe they have been intimidated into silence by the bullies and bigots of Big Gay,” Fischer added.

Move over Big Pharma! Out of the way, Big Oil! Big Gay is coming to sit at the table!

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