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Ender's Game (spoilers ahead for the book and movie!)

Is anyone else an Ender's Game fan and has seen the movie? I'm a huge fan. I know how problematic Orson Scott Card is, but Ender's Game is just my favorite thing to read of all time. I read it as a child and loved it and have probably read it 20 times since then. I don't know why I love it SO MUCH, but I do.

Anyways, my boyfriend and I went to see the movie tonight and he spent a lot of time laughing at me when I clenched my fists or shook my head because it was just so wrong. Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, it was just missing a lot of crucial things from the book. There were different levels of things that bothered me:

1) things that I loved about the book but made complete sense as to why they couldn't be in the movie: everything with Valentine and Peter and the earth politics, which there simply wasn't time for. Just the way they had to rush Ender through everything so quickly, so you didn't get as much of a sense of how much butt he kicked in Battle School.


2) minor details that were annoying and not necessary but that I can get over. e.g. Bean being in Ender's launch class and his lack of personality in the movie. I get it, time constraints, there's no way to fully capture the awesomeness that is Bean in something like this. Some overexplaining, like half of Colonel Graff's conversations with Ender, but particularly the one where he gives Ender an army and is like "these people may seem like misfits, but under the right commander they'll be the best in this school." Stupid.

3) Things that were totally not okay and ruined key points of the book:

The fight with Bonzo. I get that they had to tone it down for a PG rating, but the fact that he barely even means to hurt Bonzo and then whoops, he accidentally almost killed him but he was really just trying to push him away. It's a key recurring theme in the book that when Ender is confronted with a danger, he will destroy that danger so that it will never come back for him. Ender doesn't mean to kill Bonzo, no, but he certainly means to hurt him. Hurt him enough that all the pride and hatred in the world couldn't make him come back for more.

Most importantly, the second they announced the rules for the Battles in the Battle Room, I was like "no, no, no, no, no, not okay." The whole POINT of Ender winning a battle by going through the enemy's gate is that he is making his own rules. The game wasn't meant to be set up that way, but Ender was saying a big fuck you to the administration that was trying to tear him down by not following their rules anymore. And when he does it again in the actual battle, it's because he once again sees an impossible situation and he says "I'm done. I'm not going to play by your rules anymore." He's angry and trying to piss off his teachers and it also happens to be completely brilliant and the only way they'd have any chance of winning. I thought that was really beautiful in the book, and they completely changed the meaning of it.

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