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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Endless Appreciation

Hello GT! I just want to reiterate my everlasting thanks for all of you who reached out either with kind words, gifts, or funny gifs as I have been struggling the past few months. As a community, you have helped me get on my feet, and I finally feel like I'm starting to move forward, in many ways thanks to you guys!

In the wake of drama like the Raffey thing or the numerous people who have abused our charitable system, I wanted to let you all in a little, not just to thank you, but to show you that I'm not taking your charity for granted in any way.


Those of you who helped me via Amazon last month, thank you thank you thank you. I was able to purchase notebooks for class, a textbook that I couldn't previously afford, and assorted school supplies (paper, folders, etc). Those of you who sent me food or house supplies, I cannot thank you enough. If any of you live in CT, I'd love to make you dinner (seriously, Manstrophy is a cook! Come nom some delicious noms!)! Thanks to you, we were able to eat and hold out until my graduate stipend kicked in. I'm hoping that, in the coming months, I can repay some of your kindness. I wish I could send you all baked goods or something. If we are still planning on having a GroupThink Etsy to fund the helpfund, I would love to help make things for that, since I can't donate money. (Anyone got the details on that?)

This week has been...interesting. I was hospitalized for what we now think was a dislocated rib that ended up bruising my lung and tearing or spraining an abdominal muscle. Want to know how I got myself in THAT mess? I picked up my bag...



Here's me enjoying some delicious oxygen and dilaudid in the hospital! See, I'm real! (I'll probably take this down after a couple hours, but I wanted y'all to know that your charity is affecting a real person!). [PICTURE REMOVED]


The point of bringing this up was just to tell you all that, had this happened to me several months ago, I would've been horribly distraught at the days missed, the large hospital bill, and my bedridden-ness. Thanks to all of you getting me through this terrible year, I am in a place where I can handle these things much better.

I could ramble on for a while, but I just wanted to tell you all again and again and again:

Thank you!

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