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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Endorphins Totally Make Me Happy

Since I started my gym routine, I've noticed a marked difference in my moods. My depression is much much better. Having a half hour just to myself, working my body until it's a sweaty mess seems to push out all my negativity. It's like I sweat it out.

Today I got a last minute call for a freelance job. I went ahead and did it but the supervisors were horrible communicators. It was a long miserable day full of miscommunication and bad traffic (Beverly Hills, get your shit together) and bad leadership.


But then I went to the gym. I did the fat burning program on the elliptical. And now I'm home, comfy in my bed, just doofy happy with a smile on my face. Exercise is my drug.

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Those endorphins are real, y'all. They are working their magic right now.

ETA: I also took a shower at the gym which I thought would be weird and uncomfortable but it was nice. More me time and I get to be clean right after I work out instead of driving home in my sweaty clothes, yuck.

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