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Endrew WON at the SCOTUS!

Some of y’all know about the case of Endrew F, the Colorado boy who has Autism, whose parents sued their school district, because his 5th grade IEP was essentially the same as his 3rd & 4th grade IEP’s, and he seemed to be stalling in his progress because of it.

His parents pulled him out, put him into a school that SPECIALIZES in working with children with ASD’s, and he made huge gains.


Then they went back after his school to have them help pay for his education, under FAPE & IDEA, and the school refused.

It went to the 10th circut, before judge Gorsuch, and he and the others there ruled that schools only needed to provide, “Merely more than de Minimis.” Or, in plain English, only the minimal amount necessary.



From SCOTUSBlog:

“To meet its substantive obligation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a school must offer an “individualized education program” reasonably calculated to enable a child to make progress appropriate in light of the child’s circumstances.”


Guys, this is HUGE!!!

It DOESN’T really get at ANY of the issues of funding (the Trump-tower-sized gorilla in the room, when it comes to big issues in Special Ed.!)


But it DOES mean that schools HAVE to provide (and will eventually have to PROOVE!) a way for children who have special educational needs to progress in tbeir education😆

It’s not gonna effect a whoooole lot in the short-term, but this will effect the *entire* educational outcomes of the very tinies i work with every day—this case will be HUGE for them!!!




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