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Engagement Party Etiquette

I am part of a bridal party of 6 or 7 I think and 2 of the other girls decided they wanted to throw an engagement party. They're asking if everyone in the bridal party can pay 50 and they'll cover the rest. Is this normal? I think it's normal for bachelorette parties, but it seems a little odd for them to offer to throw it (without consulting us) and then ask us to pay? Also, 50 seems a little high if there are 7 of us and they're covering the rest of the costs.

I don't mind, I love my friend, and I want her to have an amazing party and I would've offered to bring something to help (like booze), but I am curious as to whether you guys think it's normal to ask the other bridesmaids to chip in for the engagement party?


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